April 26, 2017

Social Work of the parish of São Gabriel


The Work maintains protection and education activities aimed at children and adolescents living in the neighborhood of Taquaril and its surroundings, in the eastern region of Belo Horizonte. There are approximately 400 beneficiaries in two projects.

The partnership signed with the José Fernandes de Araújo Foundation provides technical and financial support and assistance to the Integrated School project, which provides assistance to children between the ages of 6 and 14.

The objective of the Integrated School is to develop informatics workshops and recreational, pedagogical, sports and cultural activities, held at the Santo Arnaldo Janssem Pastoral Center. The Foundation also works together with the Work to strengthen family ties.

In addition to the Integrated School, OSPSG maintains the Nossa Senhora Perpétuo Socorro Nursery, where it welcomes and provides care to 236 children from 2 to 6 years of age. “Our actions focus on the integral development of children and adolescents in their physical, cognitive and social aspects, contributing to the construction of a dignified life and to the strengthening of family ties”, says the parish priest and responsible for OSPSG, Fr. João Stasz .