May 5, 2017


amauro“I started working at the age of 12 and finally worked for 14 years at Fiat Automóveis. In the last two years that I was in the company, I decided to go back to study and I entered the Law course of PUC Minas. Some time later, I was unemployed. But I did not give up and continued with the course, although I began to experience financial difficulties. I wanted to go after my dream! One day a friend told me about the José Fernandes de Araújo Foundation, which has since helped me complete my course and achieve what I want. “
Amauri Eustáquio Souza
Studying the 9th period of Law – 47 years


kleitonThe José Fernandes de Araújo Foundation did not become just an entity that gives me financial assistance, but part of my family. I do not forget Dom Serafim’s words on the first day I came here: ‘what we offer is not alms, but a help to you to carry forward and help others.’ Thanks to this financial aid, I will be the first in my family to have a college degree. My grandfather was a bricklayer and always said that I would be a servant and a bricklayer. Lately he had said: ‘The servant is becoming an engineer!’ We never had the money to pay for the course, each month. But, thank God, money always showed up, with the help of my father and my uncles. It was then that I heard about the Foundation, which started to help me from the second semester of 2013 until today. If it were not for the Foundation, I do not know how I would have been able to get on with the course. ”
Kleyton William
Attending the 10th Civil Engineering period. – 22 years


Our family lived in Divinópolis and my two daughters came to study in Belo Horizonte. Ellen was studying advertising at PUC Minas and in 2015 we had financial problems. I decided to come to BH to try ways of keeping the two of them studying. At the college where my other daughter is studying, they told me about the José Fernandes de Araújo Foundation. When I arrived here, I was very welcomed, they analized our situation and granted financial assistance. I arrived here devastated and I left renewed! It was only a year left for Ellen to graduate! Last July, she graduated and participated in the mass celebrated by Dom Serafim, here at the Foundation. This help has been so important that I make myself available to help in what it takes, so that the Foundation is better known and follow this mission! “
– Sandra Cristina Caixeta Ribeiro, mother of Ellen Ribeiro Tinoco.

“Since I was a child I have always been very creative and decided to take the Advertising and Propaganda course. Thanks to the Foundation, who helped us in the 7th and 8th periods, I was able to finish my course. I am very grateful for this support! “-
Ellen Ribeiro Tinoco, 22, recently graduated.

Ellen is 22 years old and has recently graduated in Advertising and Propagand


I studied for a year and a half in Itaúna, where I lived, but I had bigger dreams, and decided to come to Belo Horizonte. My godmother, who paid for my course in Itaúna, could not keep me in BH. So I came in the hope of finding ways to keep and pay for my course at PUC. I was in a lot of financial trouble when I heard about the Foundation. I entered the site, I informed myself and I signed up. I presented the documentation and got the financial help which, to me, meant much more than financial aid: it gave structure and tranquility to me and my family, so that I could devote myself even more to my course. The Foundation’s help reaches the whole family ecosystem, provides a framework for the family to organize itself financially. ”
Ludmila Faria Barbosa
It is the 10th Law period and has passed the OAB exam – 23 years


I am from Gouveia, where I lived with my family, with a lot of financial difficulty. When I turned 18, I got married and went to live in Aracaju. Six months later, we came back and came to my sister’s house in Belo Horizonte. I got a job as a receptionist in a beauty center and my husband was unemployed. That’s when he learned of a vacancy to work as a receptionist at the José Fernandes de Araújo Foundation. I got the job and still competed for educational financial aid for the course at PUC. This contact with the Foundation transformed my life completely. I will never be able to repay what the Foundation did and does for me and my family. ”
Kerley Marinho de Avila
He studies the 9th period of Physical Education – 24 years