April 26, 2017

The House of Man of Nazareth


The House of Man of Nazareth is a philanthropic institution, located in the Esplanada neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, which currently serves 75 children and adolescents, aged 6 to 15 years, at social risk, through complementary activities in the period In which they are out of school.

At the institution, children and adolescents receive educational support with psychopedagogical support, and attend arts workshops (dance, ballet), cultural events, sports activities (capoeira, football) and computer courses, in addition to receiving psychological assistance.

The partnership between the José Fernandes de Araújo Foundation and Casa do Homem de Nazaré (CHN) was signed in September 2013 and aims to provide technical and financial advice, as well as advocacy for the rights of children, adolescents and their families.

Assisted children and adolescents receive human and citizen training so that they can grow up with dignity and thus produce new social realities and improve the quality of life of their family nucleus and the community in which they are inserted. “The partnership with the Foundation was something very important, God’s hands for the House, because it was signed when we had lost some supporters, which was compromising our work,” explained CHN president, Brother Jorge Amarilla.