April 26, 2017

CAIS – Social Service and Inclusion Center


Located in Contagem, in two units, the Center for Social Attention and Inclusion (CAIS) serves people with intellectual disabilities and other pathologies that can interfere in development, in the way of establishing their relationships with others and in social interaction.

The partnership with the José Fernandes de Araújo Foundation began in February 2015, through technical and financial assistance, which enabled the institution to resume the floriculture and gardening workshops that had been suspended due to lack of resources. The objective is to qualify and insert young people into the labor market, opening up possibilities for them to achieve their autonomy. “This partnership is important for us, as it allows the expansion of our services and contributes to our sustainability,” says CAIS superintendent Cristina Abranches Mota Batista.

The CAIS currently serves 340 people of varying ages and is divided into six nuclei: infant follow-up, Early Integration Unit, Clinical and Pedagogic Attention Center, Study and Research Center for Inclusion, Professional Education Center and Attention Center to the families.